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At EYE CATCHING MEDIA, we want to bring your advertising campaign directly to your customers by using a mobile billboard truck to promote your message. Our drivers are here to help you just as much because they can follow a custom route you layout or park in a highly-populated area for an event. If you want our drivers to pass out samples of a product or flyers to go along with your mobile billboard advertising campaign, EYE CATCHING MEDIA is ready to tailor a campaign to fit your needs.

In our blog, we discuss a variety of topics surrounding mobile billboards in Los Angeles and other major cities across several states including Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Idaho. You can read about the advantages of using mobile billboards to reach your customers and how you can customize your campaign with us.

Start reading our blog today and give us a call at (253) 218-3179 if you have any questions.

Thinking of ways to grow your business is always in the back of your mind when you own a company. Whether you are trying to expand to a new location or attract more customers, using an LED billboard in Seattle, WA, can help you achieve your goal. Here at EYE CATCHING MEDIA, we help business owners like you spread the word about your business by advertising on mobile billboard trucks. Check out a list of ways we can help you grow your business below.

Reach New Customers

Seattle is a growing city with new people moving to it every year, and the tourism industry is continuing to increase. This means there are numerous people in the area that could become your customers, but they might not be aware of your business. The best way to spread the word about your company is with an LED billboard truck that can move around the entire city. Whether you are targeting people on vacation, locals, or both, you can reach them when you turn to us for advertising.

Pass Out Samples

One of the best ways to grow your customer bases is to hand out samples from your business. People love to receive free things, and it will help people remember your company the next time they need something you offer. If you would like our drivers to stop and pass out samples to interested people, we can do this for you. If there’s an event going on, we can park the mobile billboard truck there, and promote your business by handing out samples for you. An LED billboard in Seattle, WA, will surely draw a crowd at any event.

Do not miss out on reaching potential customers that are new to the Seattle area or visiting on vacation because you do not have a marketing strategy. You can learn more about how an LED billboard in Seattle, WA, can grow your business when you give us a call at (253) 218-3179 today. Our friendly team will answer all of your questions, and provide you with helpful information about the advantages of using a mobile billboard truck to promote your business.