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Market Your Business With an LED Mobile Billboard

How to Design an Advertisement for a Mobile Billboard Truck in Spokane

Advertising by using a mobile billboard truck in Spokane is the best way to spread a message to your customers. Regardless of what you are promoting, you need to make it appealing to your clients because it needs to attract their attention and keep it long enough for them to read the advertisement. Once they see and read your announcement, it needs to be memorable enough that it will stick with them, and they will walk into your store for something. 

Choose What You’re Promoting

Whether you need to communicate new locations, new products, or a special promotion that you are running for the season, getting the word out to your customers is going to help your business be profitable. You should choose carefully what you are promoting because you want it to grab people’s attention. 

Mobile Advertising LED Billboard

Decide on a Theme

Depending on your type of business you might have specific themes that would apply to your establishment, whether you own a restaurant, retail store, hair salon, or any other type of business. From hosting a special themed event to picking the color scheme for your advertisement, you should carefully consider the message you are trying to convey to your potential customers.

Images & Text

Once you have decided on a color scheme and theme for the advertisement, you must select images and fonts that go with the chosen theme. The images should relate to your business or what you are promoting. The text should match as well because you don’t want to send the wrong message because you picked the wrong font to go on your mobile billboard truck in Spokane.

Layout & Logo Placement

The layout of your advertisement is crucial because you want it to flow when someone looks at it. The critical information needs to be big and the first thing that people see. Then you can follow it with graphics and end it with your logo. The eye should follow a path through the advertisement to ensure your customers will retain the necessary information.

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