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Market Your Business With an LED Mobile Billboard

Make a Statement with a Mobile Billboard in Boise, ID

Business owners throughout Boise are turning to EYE CATCHING MEDIA when they want to promote their business creatively. Many people are aware of the benefits of using a stationary billboard to advertise their business because they see this message when driving down a particular road in a specific direction. What if you could amplify the number of people who see the advertisement by making it mobile? At EYE CATCHING MEDIA, we offer businesses the chance to use a mobile billboard in Boise, ID, to spread their awareness or a specific message. Discover why a mobile billboard is better for advertising than a stationary one below.

Moving Advertisement

First of all, regular billboards are hanging up by major highways and can only target one side of the road. When it comes to stationary billboards, the chance of your business’s ad being seen is low because a person has to look away from the road. Even if they do happen to look up at the billboards, there are countless billboards in the sky. However, when you choose a mobile billboard, our drivers will take the routes that you approve of and drive those for as long as you would like us to. We take your advertisement directly to the people, so they have to look at your billboard because it is moving right by them.

Mobile Advertising LED Billboard


When it comes to seeing results for a stationary billboard, you are not able to do anything unless you have a tracked phone number for people to call who see that specific advertisement. When you turn to EYE CATCHING MEDIA for a mobile billboard in Boise, ID, you will be able to get better results. We have GPS tracking on all of our vehicles, so you can see exactly where your truck is located and the people it is reaching. We will provide you with proof-of-performance GPS reports once the campaigns are completed.

To understand how we can help your business further with a mobile billboard in Boise, ID, you can reach out to our team members by calling (253) 218-3179 today. We will walk you through the process including the part how you are able to customize your message the way you want.