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Market Your Business With an LED Mobile Billboard

Why More People are Turning to Mobile Billboard Advertising in Oakland, CA

If you are in charge of marketing and advertising a business, you are always looking for innovative ways to reach your customers. Today, people are surrounded by countless advertisements, so it takes something different to stand out from your competitors. The team at EYE CATCHING MEDIA is ready to tackle the task of taking your message directly to your customers with a mobile billboard truck. If you are still hesitant about mobile billboard advertising in Oakland, CA, take a look below to discover why so many people are turn to us for a unique marketing strategy.

Precision Targeting

If you have a specific target in mind for an advertisement, you want this group to see it. However, when you use a stationary billboard, anyone who drives down the road will have a chance to see it even if it does not apply to them. You are wasting time and money hoping that your target audience will look at your advertisement. With our precision targeting, you can customize the routes our drivers take to ensure your ad is seen in the right location. Our drivers can spend eight hours driving through your targeted area.

Mobile Advertising LED Billboard

Save Money on Advertising

We understand your company has a budget for everything and that includes advertising and marketing. When you look at the cost of a mobile billboard versus other advertising mediums, you will see that using a mobile billboard truck is the lowest cost per thousand impressions.


Our mobile billboard advertising in Oakland, CA, is flexible when it comes to changing your advertisement. We understand that you might need to make changes to your ad even while it is running. Our team will quickly make the requested changes and at a minimal cost to you.

Connect with our team at EYE CATCHING MEDIA when you want to promote your business with mobile billboard advertising in Oakland, CA. You can give us a call at (253) 218-3179 to speak with one of our team members about an upcoming campaign you want to advertise on a mobile billboard truck and how to reach your target audience with ease.